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Traffic & Transport Impact Studies

NK Traffic provide transport impact assessments for a wide range of developments throughout New South Wales. This includes traffic and parking impacts of various developments, access and driveway arrangements, pedestrian and bicycle proposals, intersection analysis, traffic modelling, traffic surveys, parking supply and demand assessments, preparation of reports and liaising with the client, as well as providing technical advice.

Traffic & Parking Surveys

NK Traffic possess many years of experience on traffic and parking studies, traffic and parking policies, parking assessments and designs. NK Traffic undertake traffic and parking surveys, traffic and parking demand and supply studies, and also the implementation of parking management strategies for CBDs and other urban areas.

Sustainable Transport Projects

As traffic and transport engineers, it is essential we adapt to more environmentally sustainable solutions. We aim to seek environmentally-friendly solutions wherever we are able and work close with our clients and stakeholders, applying social values to their projects beyond the basic technical solutions. By assisting the client in developing various solutions, we adjust the traffic and transport project to be more environmentally and socially emphasised.

Traffic Management and Traffic Control Plans

NK Traffic's Preparation of Traffic Management Plans and Construction Traffic Management Plans strictly follow regulations and are in accordance with the requirements of Authorities. 


Traffic Control Plans (TCP's) are prepared for permit approval processes in accordance with RMS 'Traffic control at worksite' latest Manual in accordance with AS 1742.3 

Signalised Intersection Analysis

NK Traffic is experienced in utilising modelling packages such as SIDRA to analyse Intersections and the optimum traffic control application for each location. NK Traffic engineers are trained in transport modelling applications of modelling software including modelling processes and outputs.

Local Area Traffic Management Schemes

NK Traffic personnel have extensive experience in the preparation of Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) in various NSW Council's Schemes. Local Area Traffic Management involves the planning and management of local roads, with the aim to reduce traffic volumes and speeds, which results in increasing amenity and improvement of safety for all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.



NK Traffic​ is proudly affiliated with Compass IoT, providing them with consistent traffic and transport advice in order to facilitate the development of their groundbreaking traffic data platform.
Compass IoT is an award-winning startup with a revolutionary approach to real-time traffic data. Their platform provides instant access to an immense database of traffic networks for any location, at any time.


For more than 20 years, we have been fulfilling a wide scope of all traffic engineering and transportation projects.


Transportation plays a major role in our economy. The transportation sector moves about goods and people, employs millions of individuals, generates revenue, and consumes products and services produced by other sectors of the global and local economy.


Traffic engineering measures have a highly relevant role in Road Safety, resulting in a more secure and liveable urban environment,


NK Traffic continually provides an exceptional level of professional and accurate traffic and transport services meeting and exceeding clients' needs. We are committed to providing excellent work with integrity and commitment to continual improvement. 


NK Traffic delivers efficient and reliable traffic and transport services guaranteed by the many successful traffic and transportation projects over many years of experience.  







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Traffic Equipment

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